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Fresh Garlic & Geodes

Fresh garlic, plucked straight from the garden, is as juicy and crisp as a fall apple.  Today, while poking around my spring-time yard, I discovered the garlic I planted in the fall is sprouting.  I’ve got visions of garlic dancing in my head!  While scouting around the yard I took a few photographs of the many Geode rocks dotting the landscape.  They are the neatest and most unusual rocks!  They make perfect additions to the garden.  My husband has started building a rock wall with them.  I’ll post a photo when he’s finished.  I’m thinking of making a batch of my blueberry muffins.  It’s a recipe I found in an early 1980’s magazine and have used ever since.  They really are good, and not your typical white flour muffins.  I’ll post it this weekend. 


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Hello world!

Hello World!  This is my first blogging experience.  In future blogs I will share musings on topics such as cooking, gardening, nature, dogs, cats, love, peace, political speculation, metaphysics, and life at my cabin in the cosmos. I look forward to your comments and getting to know you.    

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